Anonymous asked: Gosh, I just imagined Sadie as an OC in the Nikita series. She would kick ass with Alex and Nikita :)

Oh goodness. I think Sadie would have a lot of fun with that. And even though it’s dangerous, I’m sure they’d be better teachers than Kate was for her. Though poor Stiles might lose his mind if he, Sadie and Alex were ever in the same room. The girls would love it.

It’s a wonder Ashlea is still friends with me. I am such a weirdo. But seriously, if you’re not reading On The Line, go read On The Line. This is your heavenly sign. Seriously Ashlea. How do you tolerate me.

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people who hate on flannel are not worth your time, you OWN that lumberjack look and chop down the haters

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Peter Hale meme → favourite outfit
"You wanna talk about it? See a family counselor?"

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"I want somebody to look at me and think ‘yes’ and keep thinking ‘yes’ for a long time."


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