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Silhouette AU - Ryan as a Nogitsune

"Honestly, Ryan, I’m a little disappointed," Stiles said, pacing around her as she shook in a heap on the floor.

But no. It wasn’t Stiles. Not really. She had to keep reminding herself, even though it looked like Stiles, it wasn’t. It didn’t talk like him, it didn’t think like him, it didn’t even move like him. This was someone else entirely. 

"I mean, how did it take you this long to piece it all together? You knew there was more than one of us. You knew that there was too much chaos in this town to be just one person. I mean, I’m good, but I never could have done it without you. You really thought all of those black outs and time lapses were just teenage stress?"

"No, no, no, no, no…" She didn’t seem to be able to stop the word from tumbling out of her mouth, again and again. It wasn’t even a denial any more. It was a plea. It couldn’t be true. She wouldn’t let it be.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes," the Nogitsune mocked. "How else would I have known that Scott took some of Isaac’s pain away? You were the only one whimpering at the kid’s bedside to see it. Feeding off all that angst and pain and guilt."

"I didn’t do it," Ryan whispered, trying to reassure herself. But the words tasted like blood in her mouth.

"Of course you did. The Raven, hungry for more death. And what host would be better for causing chaos and strife than a little girl who can’t seem to control herself enough to stop killing people?"


Hey there! We are Gloria & Sani from TWOS, and we’re doing a giveaway of Lydia’s Studio M cardigan & Ralph Lauren skirt in your preferred size from season 4 episode “Time of Death”. XS-XL available for both the skirt and cardigan.

We wanted to spread the news that we’re trying to raise money by donations to meet each other at a con which you can read in detail here (and we also have an IndieGoGo running for donations as well, with perks if you prefer), but you don’t have to donate to enter the giveaway. 

Giveaway Rules

  • you have to be following teenwolfoutfitshoppe
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  • to enter the giveaway, fill this google form once and please have your ask box open.
  • the winner will be announced by random number generator.
  • if we don’t get a reply from you in 2 days, another winner will be chosen.
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Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions,

Thank you for participating & spreading the news. Best of luck  (✿◠‿◠)



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Teen Wolf 4x11 “A Promise to the Dead” Sneak Peek [x]

Hey everyone! So this is my obligatory away-for-the-semester post. I’m leaving for London in a few hours for the whole semester abroad. This is just a reminder that starting today, if we talk pretty frequently and you need to grab me, you can catch me here, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, or any of the other various forms of communication that are not direct texts or calls. Thanks everyone! Allons-y!


My dream for The Avengers: Age of Ultron is that it starts out with each of the Avengers getting a call early in the morning that they need to come in, and when they get to Clint, they’re like, “We still don’t have Romanoff’s new location, so if you have a way of contacting her, pass the message to her as well.” Clint replies, “I’ll see if I can track her down,” and hangs up the phone. Then he rolls over in bed and is like, “Hey Nat, get up, they need us.”

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Teen Wolf AU: Where nobody leaves (1/?)

"Go get him, catwoman."

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