I’m Feeling Lucky - Chapter 4 is up!

The team and the spectators burst into surprised cheers, and I clapped along with an astonished smile. Well, if worst came to worst, we’d scored at least once. That was something of a comfort.

Stuart ran past me, raising two fingers to his eyes before flipping them to point at me and back again. His face was set back into a mask of determination, and he raised his eyebrows at me pointedly.

I rolled my eyes, mirroring the gesture back to him with a slight smirk. I hadn’t really thought about what I’d said to Stuart beyond the retaliation. I definitely hadn’t been planning to motivate him by challenging to prove himself. But if that’s all it took to get him to put the phone away and score a few points, I wasn’t going to complain about the result. And I’d put up with the smug looks every time he managed to do something right.